Target Data Security Breach Reminder: Time for an IT Security Breach Assessment or Audit

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The recently reported Target data security breach, first uncovered by security blogger Brian Krebs,, is the largest retailer network security breach that has surfaced since 2005!  If we’ve learned anything from this incident and previous breaches, it’s that hackers can cause the most damage because some basic controls are not in place. You may do a great job protecting your systems from external intruders but drop the ball when it comes to securing insider access or vice versa.  This may be due to poor POS, network security, outdated software, or default passwords.

Don’t be exposed to clever hackers.  Lanlogic is the IT consulting firm that can actually help you manage network security to prevent a Target Data Security Breach from occurring in your environment. An IT security assessment or audit ensures you are completely secured and do not become the next victim.

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